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A prayer for Covid-19 times

 O Lord and Father of humankind,
 Look upon Your children
 With mercy and compassion
 In this time of great suffering.
 For a deadly pestilence stalks our world
 Leaving a tsunami of grief in its wake.
 Loved ones are lost in death.
 Families and friends mourn alone.
 Many lie in hospital, 
 Hospitals that cannot cope, 
 Whose anguished staff are in despair,
 While weeping families of the sick
 Beg in vain for help.
 Many live in fear,
 Fear of falling sick,
 Hoping against hope
 That the virus will not strike.
 Many are facing destitution,
 Jobs gone, savings used,
 At their wits’ end,
 Every hour in distress,
 Because they cannot provide for their families.
 There is none to help.
 Lord, have mercy on those You have made.